March 22, 2008

Happy Easter Sunday!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday! Enjoy time with those you love and remember all that Christ did for you on this wonderful day!

March 20, 2008

MARCH- Make and Takes


Close to my Heart Products Used: Cardstock, Craft Buttons- Winter (Z1284), Ribbon- White Grosgrain, Sunkiss Yellow Organdy, & (discontinued) Baby Pink Gingham. January Stamp of the Month- Eastertime & Journaling Jots (B1269) stamp sets & Corner Rounder (Z578).

Colors Used: White, Baby Pink, Sweetleaf, Spring Iris, Sunkiss Yellow, & Crystal Blue.

Techniques Used: Sponge Distressing, corner rounding & Overlap Stamping.

To Do: First take all pieces of CS (not white 12x12) and round edges with Close to my Heart Corner Rounder. (Only round one side of the Sunkiss Yellow CS). Distress all pieces of CS (not white 12x12) with Spring Iris ink using the sponge. The sponge distressing will give it a softer look. Take Baby Pink CS and stamp 'Easter' stamp centered using Baby Pink ink. Stamp lines on Sweetleaf CS using Spring Iris Ink leaving about 1" from top before stamping. Take white Grosgrain ribbon and tie two ends in a double knot. Cut loop. Tie Baby Pink Gingham and Sunkiss Yellow Organdy ribbon pieces in knots over the white ribbon. Attach white ribbon to backside of the Sweetleaf CS. Attach 6x11.5 Sunkiss Yellow CS to page flesh with the left side and about 2" from the top. Attach Baby Pink Easter stamped CS to the top left corner of the page about 1" from the left side and top of page. Attach the 6x8 Spring Iris CS piece vertically to the right side of the page about 1" from the right side and 1/2" from the top of the Sunkiss Yellow CS. Attach the Sweetleaf CS vertically on the left side of the page about 1" from the left side and 3" from the bottom of the page. Now to stamp the eggs on the bottom you will need to stamp an egg on a scrap piece of paper and cut it out. Now stamp your first color of eggs 2 or 3 of them along the bottom. Pick a new egg and a new color and before stamping place your scrap egg ontop of the egg previously stamped and stamp the new egg as if leaning against it and behind a little. When done take off the scrap egg and it will look like the second egg is behind the first egg. Continue until all space is filled on bottom of the page. Now attach your buttons to page using Liquid Glass or some other strong adhesive. Buttons can be attach anywhere desired.
* You can no longer purchase this stamp set, but I have an extra one if anyone is interested*

Close to my Heart Products Used: Silhouette Level 2- Paper Packet (X7090B), Ribbon Rounds- Black Collection (Z1034), Edge Anchors- Heritage (Z1288), (stamp set is discontinued), & Cardstock.

Colors Used: Black, Colonial White & Bamboo.

Techniques Used: Ink distressing

To Do: Fold 8.5x 5/5 CS in half. Ink distress all pieces (including card) with Black ink. Stamp Congratulations on smallest Colonial White CS with Black ink closest to the left side. Attach to small Bamboo CS piece. Attach dot B&T piece to the bottom of card. Attach flower B&T piece ontop of dot, flesh with the right side and 1/4" from the top. Attach Congratulations piece on bottom right of card about 1/2" from bottom and a sliver from the right side. To attach edge anchor, open it and place it where you would like it. Place ribbon underneath and pierce through all paper and ribbon with piercing tool. Don't mover and insert brad. Fold backside of edge anchor around and insert brad.

March 11, 2008

March Promotion

Magic Moments Scrapbooking Kit

Kit Contains:
24- 12x12 My Reflections Scrapbooking Kit (Level 1 Layouts)
8- 6x12 Coordinating My Stickese Sheets
2- 12x12 Colonial White Cardstock
24- Feet of 3/8" Cocoa Grosgrain Ribbon
50- Cocoa Brads
13- 12x12 Memory Page Protectors

To Purchase:

1) Pay full price for kit at $49.95.

2) If you spend $40- purchase kit for $39.95. A Savings of $10!

3) If you spend $60- purchase kit for only $29.95. A Savings of $20!

*Also* When purchasing the kit, you may purchase the 12x12 Cocoa Linen album for 10% off!

Hey! Want the Kit for 50% off? Host a gathering and the Magic Moments Scrapbooking Kit becomes one of the Hostess Rewards Plus items at 50% off! That's only $24.98! Let me know if your interested! MANY other rewards come along with hosting gatherings, just ask!

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