February 27, 2008

February Make & Takes

Close to my Heart Products Used: Good Times- Level 2 Paper Packet- X7092B, Good Times- Level 2 Stickease- X7092C, Fresh Shapes- Dimensional Elements Z1019, Star Struck- Stamp Set- D1237, Chocolate Eyelets- Z179, Just Blooms- Big Pinks- Z1033, White Grosgrain Ribbon- Z2703, 3-D Foam Squares- Z268

Colors Used: Chocolate, Twilight, White, Sweet Leaf, & Buttercup

Techniques Used: Ink Distressing, 3-D foam squares, Inking Dimensional Elements, & Dying Flowers
To Do: Ink all pieces of paper with Chocolate Ink. Attach 3.5x12 stripe B&T piece to top of page. Attach dot B&T piece directly beneath. Attach 5x7 Chocolate CS piece directly below dot and flesh with right side. Attach 4x4 Sweet Leaf CS to center of white space left. Attach other Sweet Leaf piece centered on white piece. To dye the flower, take about 1/4 Cup of water and add drops of re-inker to water. Add as many as wanted for desired darkness. Place flower in water and swirl for about 10 seconds and remove. You can repeat to get it a little darker. *Don't let soak for too long.* You can let the flower air dry, but dye will set in better if you dry with an embossing gun. Take Dry flower and attach it to center of Sweet Leaf/White piece with a chocolate eyelet. Attach to top right corner of the page about 1" from top and right sides. Attach 4x6 white picture backings anywhere on page. For this page, since we used the Stickease, everyone got different pieces, so everyone's dimensional element and sticker will be different. To ink the dimensional element use directly to pad for darker effect or a sponge for a lighter, more even look. Dimensional elements are attached by peeling off protective backing to reveal a sticky back.
To Do: Distress all pieces with Chocolate ink. Attach dot B&T piece to top left corner of page (vertically), flesh with top and left sides. Attach long Chocolate piece directly underneath. Take 1.5x12 stripe B&T piece and cut where you would like the ribbon to go. Take ribbon and tie ends in a double knot. Cut loop to create two strands coming off of the knot. Attach ribbon strands to the edge of stripe piece with chocolate eyelets. Cut excess ribbon off and attach stripe piece to the center of the Chocolate CS. (Your edges will hang off and be too long, so cut the excess off when placed where desired.) Stamp star image 3 different times, with Sweet Leaf, Chocolate, & Twilight. Cut out circle. Attach to white space, directly above chocolate CS using 3-D foam squares. Attach 5x8 Sweet Leaf CS piece to page, about 1" from right side and 1.5" from top of page.

February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday last month to Heather Christopher (sorry it's a little late) and this month to Jill Parker!
We hope this year will be great for both of you!

February 16, 2008

Close to my Heart- Workshops

There has been a change to the yearly workshops. I will only be doing 2 workshops a year now. There will be one in the spring and one in the fall. Here are the tentative dates I'm looking at.

SPRING: April 25th or May 2nd
FALL: September 12th or 19th

If you enjoy workshops and would like to be able to make it, PLEASE comment and let me know your input on dates.

The Spring workshop will most likely be a layout and/or card workshop.
The Fall workshop will most likely be a birthday calendar or brag book.

February 2, 2008

January Make & Takes


Colors Used: Colonial White, Cranberry, & Black

Techniques Used: Prisma Glitter& Edge Anchors

Close to My Heart Products Used: Soul Mates Word Puzzle (D1254), Edge Anchors- Heritage (Z1288), Designer Ribbon Rounds- Black Collection (Z1034)

To Do: Stamp long design along bottom of card with Cranberry Ink. Attach 3x3 black CS to top left of card- flesh with left side and 1/8" from top. Stamp 2 hearts onto Cranberry CS and cut out. Attach hearts on top of black CS like picture with one on top of the other. Stamp LOVE in center of remaining space on right hand side of card with Cranberry Ink. Stamp swirl design above and below LOVE with black ink. There are 2 ways to attach the prisma glitter. 1- Put Liquid Glass (Z679) exactly where glitter will go (on top of LOVE) and then sprinkle Prisma Glitter (Z134) on top. Let dry. 2- (works best) Stamp LOVE on top of inked LOVE with the embossing stamp pad. Sprinkle with Clear embossing powder and then prisma glitter. Heat with Craft Heater and let dry. Attach edge anchors (1 or 2 looks great with either) by cutting ribbon (about 3") and fold in half and place inside edge anchor. Insert edge anchor on card where you would like it to go. (one side on front of card, with other on backside of the same peice of paper) Use piercing tool and poke hole through the hole going through the CS and ribbon. Insert brad and secure to back.


Colors Used: White Daisy, Blush, Baby Pink, Grey Flannel, Grey Wool

Techniques Used: Inking Dimensional Elements & Edge Distressing

Close to My Heart Products Used: Soul Mates Word Puzzle (D1254), Just Blooms Big Pinks (Z1033), Dimensional Elements- Flower Garden (Z1046, Dimensional Elements- Ribbon Accents (Z1045), White Daisy Grosgrain Ribbon (Z270), Craft Buttons- Holiday (Z1285), Adorable Backgrounds (D1200)

To Do: Distress all pieces of CS with edge distresser, by running along paper. Take 6x6 Baby Pink CS and stamp rows of hearts with Baby Pink Ink. Stamp "happily ever after" in between heart rows with Grey Flannel Ink. Stamp "All my love" on edges of whole 12x12 White Daisy CS. Attach pink heart stamped piece to top left of page along edge of "all my love" stamp. Attach 6x6 Grey Flannel CS piece to bottom right of page (on top of pink piece). Ink Dimensional Element-Ribbon Slide with Grey Flannel Ink using a sponge. Attach to 1 4x6 piece of Blush CS with Grosgrain ribbon, attaching on backside. Attach both 4x6 Blush CS pieces to top right and bottom left of page about 1" from top and bottom and 1/2" from right and left sides. Stamp "hand in hand" in white space on left side and "side by side" in white space on right side. Stamp love sayings on 2x2 Grey Wool CS with Grey Wool Ink. Cut out circle (I used the lid of my ribbon rounds). Ink Dimensional Elements- Flower Garden flower with Baby Pink Ink using sponge. Put waxy flax piece through button (do not tie in a knot). Attach button to flower, flower to circle, circle to flower, & flower to page, all using Liquid Glass. Place something heavy ontop while it dries. Attach other smaller flowers using bigger brads.

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