October 26, 2007

November Workshop!

A bit of new information on the upcoming workshop has been posted under the calander. It will be on Friday, November 30. Hope you all can come!

New Club Members!

We would like to welcome 2 new club members to our Orem club. Welcome Anna White and Rose Merrill! We are so glad to have you in our club and hope to get to know you better in the future!

October Make & Takes


Used: Stamp of the Month: Magical Season D1226, Bigger Brads (New England Ivy), & Cranberry Grosgrain ribbon
Techniques Used: Empressing, Sanding, Black Stubble Tool Distressing & Chalking
Colors Used: Cranberry, Cocoa, New England Ivy, Garden Green & Colonial White

To Do: Make lines in 1x12 piece of New England Ivy Card Stock with the Empressor and Empressor guide, making lines 1/2" apart. Turn CS over and sand lines. Attach to 1.5x12 piece of Garden Green CS. Distress edges of all pieces of remaining CS (except 12x12 cocoa CS) with the Black Stubble tool and Cocoa ink. (Tool works best when used in a circular motion) Take 6x8 Colonial White CS piece and stamp the Christmas Tree in New England Ivy, and the ornaments on the tree, and presents under the tree in Cranberry Ink. Distress entire piece with Black Stubble tool. Stamp 'Magical' on the 1x3.5 Colonial White CS piece. Attach ribbon (folded in half) with a New England Ivy Bigger Brad. Attach stamped 6x8 C. white piece to bottom right corner of 12x12 cocoa CS. Attach New England Ivy 3x8 CS piece directly above C. white CS, and Cranberry 3x8 directly above that. Attach the long 1.5x12 (garden green with striped New Eng. Ivy piece in center) CS piece to the center of the showing cocoa CS on the left hand side. Attach the 'Magical' stamped CS to the cranberry CS piece, flesh with right side and about 1/8" from bottom (of cranberry). The Garden Green 8x6 CS piece can either be attached as shown for a 5x7 picture or cut in half for 2 4x6 pictures. Stamp snowman with the Versa Mark ink pad. Chalk snowman with desired colors using chalk and q-tips. (chalk will stick to the Versa Mark) Attach colored snowman to Garden Green CS and attach centered on long strip about 1" from the top of the page.


Used: Stamp of the Month: Magical Season D1226, Empress Techniques Used: Empressing, Sanding
To Do: SOTM- Magical Season- D1226 & Black Grosgrain ribbon.

Colors Used: Cranberry, New England Ivy, Black, Colonial white
Techniques used: Sponge distressing
To Do: Stamp Christmas Tree in center of Colonial White CS with N.E. Ivy ink. Stamp ornaments on top of green ones with Cranberry ink. Stamp 'Magical' on the top centered above the Christmas tree in Black ink. Distress edges with N.E. Ivy ink using the sponge. Attach CS piece to center of N.E. Ivy CS piece. Stamp Christmas Presents around the edge of the Cranberry CS piece. Attach N.E. Ivy CS to the center of the Cranberry CS. Tie black grosgrain ribbon in half with a double knot. Cut loop in center. Attach ribbon to the backside of the cranberry CS piece. Fold Colonial White 4x8 CS piece in half. Attach Cranberry CS piece to front of 4x4 C. white card.


Used: Autumn Splendor- D1181, Give Thanks- D1110, Autumn Terracotta My Accents- Z290, Waxy Flax- Z351 (New England Ivy), Linen StickStock-X1401
Colors Used: Autumn Terracotta, New England Ivy, White
Techniques Used: Ink Distressing, Sponge Distressing
To Do: Stamp 'Give Thanks' on center of Linen stickstock piece. Distress edges with sponge using N.E. Ivy ink. (you may fray the edges if you wish) Attach to small N.E. Ivy CS piece by peeling off protective vellum. Stamp Autumn Terracotta B&T piece with A. Terr ink on left hand side of paper. Attach A. Terr B&T piece to larger N.E. Ivy CS piece. Fold white 8x5 CS piece in half. Ink distress all pieces with N.E. ink. Attach N.E. Ivy CS piece to left hand side, about 1/8" from top, left side and bottom. Attach 'Give Thanks' piece to A. Terr piece flesh with green right hand side about 1/2" from bottom. Waxy Flax may be attached either around entire card (but must be removed to open), or attached only on top side. To attach only on top side, cut a small 1/2" slit in the fold, where you want it, and then thread waxy flax through and tie in a knot.

October 1, 2007

Happy Birthday in October!

I would like to wish Emily Marble a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY this month.
(It's on Halloween! Isn't that fun!)

New Club Members!

We would like to welcome our newest club members:
Rachel Rowe- Orem group
Sarah Bush- Eagle Mountain group
We are so glad to be able to get to know you girls better!

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