November 17, 2008

September Make & Takes


Close to My Heart Products:
Whimsy Caps C1205, Creepy Cobwebs D1319, Black Brads Z1107, & Black Collection Ribbon Rounds Z1034.
Colors Used:
Autumn Terracotta, White & Black
Techniques Used:
Stamping, Sanding, & Dimensional Elements.
To Do:
Stamp cobweb with Black ink in top right corner of page. Distress all pieces with Sandpaper on edges. Attach 12x3 black CS piece about 1/2" from the bottom of the page. Attach 12x2 Autumn Ter. piece on top about 1/4" from top and 3/4" from bottom of black piece. Attach 12x1 1/4" black piece on top about 1/4" from top of Autumn Terr. piece. Attach smallest piece 1x12" centered on top of black. Stamp cobweb with Black ink in bottom left corner of page. (on top of all pieces of paper) Attach large 6x8 black piece about 1/4" from left side and colored stripe pieces on bottom. Take ribbon and tie ends in a double knot. Cut in center of large loop. Attach ribbon to the BACKSIDE ONLY of one of the 3x3 Autumn Ter. pieces. Attach both pieces on right side of page centered equally in space available. Normally I would have covered the 'H' Dimensional Element piece with CS or inked it. But, since I only had one on hand everyone traced and cut out their own H. After cutting out the H and sand distressing it. Attach it to the top left corner of the page (overlapping black is ok). Stamp small cobweb, in black ink, in the top left corner of the page over the H. Stamp 'ALLOWEEN' next to the H with Autumn Terr. ink. Take small piece of ribbon and fold in half (cut edges on a diagonal) and attach to bottom left of the 'H' with a black brad.


Close to My Heart Products Used:
Magic Moments Lev. 2 Paper Packet X7101B, Craft Buttons (Spring Z1281, Autumn Z1283, Clear- no longer available, & Winter Z1284), Hollyhock Ribbon Round Z1122. White Hemp Z281, White Embossing powder Z673, Embossing Pad Z900, Liquid Glass Z679, & Colonial White Accessory Kit Z283.
Colors Used:
Key Lime, Hollyhock, Chocolate, Colonial White, Sunflower, Indian Corn Blue
Techniques Used:
Stamp to pad distressing & Embossing
To Do:
Distress all pieces of paper with Chocolate ink. Fold large Col. White CS piece in half. Set aside.Attach colorful paisley piece on top of key lime polka dot piece, centered. Stamp leaf & stem with an embossing pad, sprinkle with powder, *brush off any powder not where it should be*, and heat. (Should only take about 30 seconds) Attach hemp to buttons and glue to page using Liquid Glass or another VERY strong adhesive. After drying attach piece to Hollyhock CS, centered. Attach Hollyhock to the paisley piece, centered horizontally, but about 1" from top of green piece. Take Hollyhock ribbon and tie ends in a double knot. Cut loop so one side will be longer than the other. Attach to the paper wrapping ribbon around to the back. Attach whole thing to the front of the card. (Now ribbon is hidden and will adhere much better.) Attach small paperclip to middle of the knot.

September 12, 2008

August 20, 2008

July 10, 2008

June Make and Takes

July Birthdays!

We have a lot of birthdays this month!
Mary Irons, Becky Pulham & Rose Merrill!

May Make and Takes

Sorry I didn't post last month sooner. Also, I don't have my card any longer, so if anyone has theirs still and can send me a picture, that would be appreciated.

Close to my Heart products Used: Boom Di Ada- Level 2 paper packet X7095B, June Word Puzzle stamp set D1288, Ricrac Collection- Ribbon Rounds Z1052
Colors Used: Hollyhock, Barn Red, Autumn Terracotta, Olive, Sweetleaf, Colonial White & Buttercup.
Techniques Used: Sponge Distressing & Cricket cutouts.
To Do: Sponge distress all pieces with Barn Red ink. Attach Barn Red B&T piece to bottom of page, flesh with the bottom. Attach Sweet Leaf B&T piece directly above flesh with the left side of page. Attach Hollyhock B&T piece directly above. Take small Sweetleaf B&T paper and cut out two leaf shapes. Attach to underside of stem (thin Olive CS piece). Attach thin Olive CS piece vertically, flesh with the bottom and about 3" from the right side. Attach Autumn Terracotta circle to center of Barn Red CS flower. Staple Hollyhock ric-rac ribbon to center of flower. Attach flower to the top of the stem. Attach both 5x5 Hollyhock CS pieces to center of page, overlapping the flower stem. Lastly stamp the stems of the flowers with Sweetleaf ink and the flowers with Barn Red ink. Stamp "lazy days of summer" with Olive ink.

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